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Treatment Trolley

Treatment Trolley

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  • Product Name: Treatment Trolley
  • Model Number: RMTQX121
  • Dimensions: L2150*W975*H880/1385mm
  • Material: Compact laminet plate, ABS

Product Features

1. Welding of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with electrostatic spraying;
3. The countertop is made of high-quality compact laminet plate, which is abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant;
4. The lower cabinet is a double-sided storage area, and six medicine box storage areas are all installed with ABS interior side panel, which is convenient for storing medicine boxes at multiple angles;
5. The upper bracket is an auxiliary bracket for infusion and liquid preparation. It has a double-layer design. The upper layer is equipped with 15 slidable stainless steel hooks at the each front and rear to facilitate liquid dispensing; the lower layer is the dressing area, glove box, label box, stainless steel tray, etc.
6. The medicine box is a blue transparent medicine box, placed vertically; all medicine boxes are equipped with a freely assembled PC partition, which can be moved horizontally and vertically; the medicine box is equipped with 3 label cards;
7. Double-sided load-bearing casters with brakes, casters with a diameter of 100mm.

Product Standard Accessories

1. Equipped with 18pcs 100mm height medicine boxes; and 6pcs 200mm height medicine boxes;
2. Upper bracket: equipped with 30pcs hook racks, a stainless steel treatment tray, 8pcs sorting medicine boxes, 1pc hand disinfectant holder, 2pcs glove boxes, 2pcs ampoule openers.

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