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Dental center island cabinet Rf-ES-03

Dental center island cabinet Rf-ES-03

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Dental center island cabinet

Product Attributes

Model No.             : ES-03
Brand                    : ESCO
Condition              : New
Certification          : ISO
Application           : Other
Nature                  : Specialized Equipment
Feature                 : Waterproof
Usage Times         : Other
Material                : Other

It is dentist's efficient assistant, which can be used as the island cabinet in the middle of the diagnosis and treatment room, and also as the partition in the middle of the diagnosis and treatment room, eliminating the tedious investment of the partition in the decoration.

This Dental Cabinet is equipped with hidden garbage function, which can put garbage at any time without bending to look for the garbage can, and Dental Furniture also reduces the pollution around the garbage can, and clinic cabinet can handle garbage at any time when operating at the edge of the water tank.
Clinic Furniture Super long storage space, the length of the whole Hospital Cabinet is 3500mm, and the Hospital Furniture folding door has multi-layer metal basket function, which is convenient for classified storage. Based on the original model, the storage space is expanded. It is suitable for consulting rooms with larger depth.
The product table is made of natural quartz with Mohs hardness of 7.5. After mechanical processing, the surface is smooth
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