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Workstation Trolley

Workstation Trolley

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  • Product Name: Workstation Trolley 313
  • Model Number: RMECF313
  • Dimensions: L750*W540*H1432mm
  • Material: Aluminum; ABS

Product Material

  • Surface: ABS molded table mounting stainless steel plate, features abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance; three-sided stainless steel fence to avoid any falling of materials;
  • Pillar: High-quality aluminum alloy with electrophoresis coated;
  • Board: High-quality aluminum composite panel for side board and back board;
  • Drawer: Aluminum molding drawer, drawer handle is molded zinc alloy; The drawer is lager and classified storage with PC dividers.

Product Parameters

  • Base: Aluminum composite panel
  • Drawer: Aluminum-molding drawer
  • Table Surface: ABS molding top table with stainless steel plate intergrated
  • Wheel Castors: Equipped with four noise-free castors with two brakes
  • Accessories: Castors, Storage Drawer, Displayer Holder, Keyboard & Mouse Holder, Battery Storage Box

Product Feature

  • Drawer: All drawers are detachable design, easy cleaning and replace;
  • It is adopted all-in-one computer or PC computer (Optional);
  • Monitor Pillar: Aluminum alloy, elevation adjustment: 0-15°; rotation adjustment: -90°-90°; Battery button with backlight; Battery indicator screen is for showing the battery status;
  • Pillar: Height adjustable from 1005-1380mm;
  • Castor: noise-free anti-winding caster with brake, of which diameter is 100mm, Tente brand from Germany origin, round bumper is upon the castors;
  • Loading: Drawer loading: 50KG; Overall loading: 200KG.
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