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Wall Doublewide Cabinet G

Wall Doublewide Cabinet G

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  • Product Name: Wall Doublewide Cabinet G
  • Model Number: RMGRS152G
  • Dimensions: L1330*W565*H1460mm
  • Material: Artificial stone

    Product Features

1.Sliding doors design,which is easier to open, less space occupied. The unique design is special for visual management, stuff management, and avoids polluting the medicines or medical disposables in the cabinet;
2.The sliding door is detachable, which is easy to take down to clean the interior space of the cabinet;
3.The two sets of cabinet are equipped with 16pcs modular ABS transparent storage box(L60*W40*H100cm). Medicine box can be placed in three different angles in the cabinet. Besides, there are transparent PC divider in the box, which can move horizontally and vertically, easy to manage the medicines or equipments; At the same time, each of box is equipped with a label card to show the name of medicine or equipment;
4.The countertop is made of artificial stone, which is waterproof ;
5.The interior panels is allowed the medicine box to be placed in three different angles, which is convenient to be disassembled and cleaned, firm and delicate;
8. This cabinet is wall mounted installation;
9. High-strength bottom base with bumper.

Product Optional Accessories

1.Interior panel
2.Stainless steel wire basket
3.Catheter holder
4.ABS transparent medicine box
5.PC transparent divider
6.Digital lock

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