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SS Equipment Trolley C

SS Equipment Trolley C

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  • Product Name: SS Equipment Trolley C
  • Model Number: RMEQX112C
  • Dimensions: L650*W450*H900mm(S) | L750*W500*H900mm(M) | L900*W550*H900mm(L)
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Product Material

  • 304 stainless steel.

Product Features

  • The trolley body is designed with two shelves and equipped with four side fences to ensure the safety of stored items;
  • There are load-bearing support structures under each tabletop, which can carry large weights;
  • The trolley is equipped with one SS bowl on the top shelf and one SS bucket on the bottom shelf;
  • The bottom is made of ultra-quiet anti-winding castors, the diameter of the castors is Φ100mm, with brakes.
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