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RECITE Care Pediatrics Bed

RECITE Care Pediatrics Bed

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  • Product Name: PRAY Care Pediatrics Bed (Two Functions Manual)
  • Model Number: RMCET283E
  • Dimensions: L1850xW860xH1370mm
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum Alloy

Product Material

  • 1. Bed framework, surface and leg are all made of premium cold rolled steel with electrostatic spraying.
  • 2. The bed platform is assembled, stamping frame, four sections.
  • 3. Removable childlike design fire-proof board.
  • 4. Side rails are made of molding aluminum alloy and cold rolled steel with electrophoresis coating, gas spring lift by embedded rail, safe and smooth operation; the gap between side rails bar is less than 65mm, assure safety of children.

Product Parameters

  • Bed Platform: L1745xW750xH700mm
  • Backrest: 0-70°±5°
  • Legrest: 0-40°±5°
  • Side Rails Height 600mm
  • Bed Application Hospital and Clinic
  • Functions Two functions
  • Side Rails Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum Alloy
  • Brake Wheels Brake

Product Feature

  • The side rails is vertical design.
  • Two functions: backrest adjustment: 0-70°±5°, leg adjustment: 0-40°±5°, bed heigh: 700mm.
  • The embedded side rail of the bed pillar is anodizing processed, it is provide protection, insulation and lengthening service life.
  • Mechanical crank operation with over control protection.
  • Four 125mm diameter castors with wheels brake.

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