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PRODIGY-HMT Three Functions Manual Bed

PRODIGY-HMT Three Functions Manual Bed

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  • Product Name: PRODIGY-HMT (Three Functions Manual)
  • Model Number: RMCJJ113B
  • Dimensions: L2160*W980*H430-680mm
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel, PP

Product Material

  • Bed platform, structure and leg are all made of premium cold-rolled steel with electrostatic powder coating.
  • The bed platform consists of four foldable sections, a stamping frame.
  • Detachable bed headboard and footboard, which are made of good-quality PP.
  • Four-section plug-type side rails, made of premium cold rolled steel with electrostatic powder coating.

Product Parameters

  • Backrest: 0-75°±5°
  • Legrest: 0-45°±5
  • Height adjustment: 430-680±10mm

Product Feature

  • Backrest adjustment 0-75°±5°; Legrest adjustment 0-45°±5°;Height adjustment: 430-680±10mm.
  • Clear acrylic bedside card for patient name display, four infusion holes, two drainage hooks around the bed.
  • Mechanical crank operation with overload protection.
  • The screw handle is foldable under the bed footboard.
  • Four 125mm diameter castors with wheels brake.

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