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MAGIC BOX SERIES Housekeeping Trolley

MAGIC BOX SERIES Housekeeping Trolley

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  • Product Name: Housekeeping Trolley
  • Model Number: RMEHL254A/B
  • Dimensions: L1080*W480*H888mm
  • Material: ABS, PC, Aluminum alloy, Molded zinc alloy
  • Color: Optional

Product Material

  • Surface: ABS molded table with a bright plastic plate, features abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance; four-sided molded rim to avoid any falling of material.
  • Pillar: High-quality aluminum alloy with electrophoresis coating.
  • Board: High-quality aluminum composite panel for sideboard and backboard.
  • Drawer: All drawers are a detachable design, easy to clean and replace. Zinc-coated steel drawer with PC dividers-RMEHL254B.
  • Drawer handle: Molded zinc alloy-RMEHL254B.

Product Parameters

  • Drawer Color: Optional
  • Drawer: Handle Molded zinc alloy
  • Castor: 5pcs φ100mm double side wheel castor, 2pcs with brake

Product Feature

  • Space: There are three partitions and a cloth bag frame for storage-RMEHL254A; Larger and classified storage drawer, and there is a partition under the drawer for storage-RMEHL254B.
  • Castor: 5pcs φ100mm double side wheel castor noise-free anti-winding caster, 2pcs with brake.
  • Round bumper: on the castors.
  • Loading: Drawer loading: 25KG-RMEHL254B; Overall loading: 100KG.

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