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Emergency Trolley RMEQJ204A

Emergency Trolley RMEQJ204A

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  • Product Name: Emergency Trolley
  • Model Number: RMEQJ204A
  • Dimension: L750*W480*H920mm
  • Material: Aluminum, ABS
  • Color: Optional

Product Material

  • Mainly made of ABS plastic, aluminum and steel;
  • ABS top board, easy to clean;
  • Four aluminum alloy columns.

Product Features

Total with five drawers; two small, two medium and one big, each inner with partitions can be organized freely into different size units.

Product Accessories

  • Top: Infusion stand, defibrillator platform, stainless steel guardrail, sharps box
  • Left: Sub-workbench,
  • Right: 1 gray dirt bucket
  • Back: power supply, defibrillation board, oxygen cylinder holder
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