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Delivery Bed

Delivery Bed

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  • Product Name: Delivery Bed
  • Model Number: RMCFC301
  • Dimensions: L2140×W1080×H750-900mm
  • Material: Cold rolled steel, PP

Product Material

  • Bed frame: made of cold rolled steel, beautiful without burrs, the coating is electrostatic powder coating, rust-proof full treatment, anti-aging, no rust;
  • Siderail: PP, double hydraulic rod, beautiful and easy to clean;
  • Castors: Use high-grade silent polyurethane wear-resistant castors with a diameter of 125±5mm, which are silent and wear-resistant, move smoothly, built-in fully enclosed self-lubricating bearings; one foot brake, four-wheel brake;
  • Mattress: Made of high-quality leather, comfortable and beautiful, relieve the stress of the parturient.

Product Feature

  • Backrest: 0-75 °±5 °, Footrest: 0-75 °±5 °, Height adjustment : H750-900mm, Trendelenburg: 0-13°±2°, Reverse Trendelenburg: 0-13°±2°;
  • Head and Foot board: European-style large headboard, resistant to fading and aging, high strength, easy to clean; firm and strong; hidden locking switch, stable and reliable, easy to disassemble;
  • This product is equipped with a 10cm leather surface high-density foam mattress;
  • The back&footrest, trendelenburg, and height adjustment are controlled by electric control, and one hand control panel;
  • There is a dirt basin under the bed board;
  • Leg support and armrests on both sides can adjust the angle and position;
  • Security capacity: 200kg.

Standard Accessories

  • 1.One pair of bedstead
  • 2.One pair of head and footboard
  • 3.One pair of ABS siderail
  • 4.One mattress
  • 5.One group of Motor
  • 6.One pair of leg support
  • 7.One pair of handrails
  • 8.One dirt basin
  • 9.Four mute castors.
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