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CONTOUR Electric Bed B (Three Functions Electric)

CONTOUR Electric Bed B (Three Functions Electric)

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  • Product Name: CONTOUR-EF (Three Functions Electric)
  • Model Number: RMCJH271B
  • Dimensions: L2250×W1060×H450-750mm
  • Function: Three Functions
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel, HDPE

Product Material

  • Bed platform, structure and leg are all made of premium cold rolled steel with electrostatic powder coating.
  • The Bed platform consist of four foldable sections, stamping frame.
  • Detachable ‘Smile face’ HDPE bed headboard and footboard.
  • Four-section ‘Smile face’ HDPE side rails operated by gas spring.

Product Parameters

  • Bed Platform: 1980x900mm
  • Backrest: 0-70°±5°
  • Legrest: 0-40°±5
  • Height Adjustment: 460-750±10mm
  • Brakes System: Central Brake
  • Sticker Color: Wood Grain,Royal Blue
  • Motors: 3 Motors
  • Control Panel: Remote Control

Product Feature

  • Backrest adjustment:0-70°±5°, Legrest adjustment: 0-40°±5°, Height adjustment: 460-750±10mm, Auto-contour.
  • Backrest radiolucent board and X-ray cassette board(optional function).
  • Three motors, high quality and noise-free, with remote control.
  • 4Angle indicators on backrest side rails.
  • The four corners of the bed body have orthopedic traction frame holes, which can be used for the clinical use of orthopedics when needed (Optional).
  • The detachable bassinet is specially design for taking care of newborn baby, with 360°visibility (Optional).
  • Clear acrylic head card for patient name display.
  • Four infusion holes, four drainage hooks around the bed.
  • Four 125mm diameter castors with central brake.

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